The TGM is an easy to use mobile device to determine the exact speed of car doors and closures.


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TGM – car door closing speed measurement

The TGM 5 consists of a hand held measuring device and a measuring head. The measuring head is fixed to the car with a suction cup. If the closing door passes the measuring head the TGM determines the door speed with an accuracy of two digits behind the point in m/s.

The TGM 5 is used in quality control, research & development or during the prototype phase.


Measuring Mode

Determining the minimum speed required for a safe closure of a car door by repeatedly checking if the door is closed safely after closing the door with various speeds.

The TGM shows the minimum speed required to safely close the door, once the difference between fastest speed at which the door ist still open and the slowest speed at which the door has closed, lies below an adjustable delta.

Testing Mode

Fast checking if the door closing speed lies within a specified speed range and direct response with a green LED.

Check application and comparision videos of the TGM and the TGMmini on our YouTube Channel:

Long Battery Life

The TGM is a complete mobile device and gets its energy from 9 Volt block batteries. The TGM has a recharge plug if accus are used. The TGM needs around 8mA so you can use it up to 30 hours without recharging

TGMscan Android App

Android Symbol

With the TGMscan App you can connect your TGM Doorclosingemeter to your phone and organise and send the measuring data.


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Bluetooth Export
  • send measurement results to a PC or Smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Use our Android Smartphone App to assign the results to a door type and car identification and save the results
  • Use our TGM USB Receiver to get the results as a Windows keystroke to import the results into for example MS Excel
USB Export
  • USB cable connection to export the measuring results from the TGM into your software application; for example MS Excel
Analog Export
  • Analog output exports the measuring result as a voltage to integrate the TGM into a mechanic testing construction