glasmacher electronic

Measuring devices for car doors and closures



Cardoor speed in meters per second

The TGM is an easy to use mobile device to determine the exact speed of car doors and closures. It consists of a hand held measuring device and a measuring head. The TGM determines the door speed with an resolution of two digits behind the point in m/s.

TGM Mini

Cardoor speed in meters per second

The new TGMmini combines the accuracy of the TGM with an even easier and faster user experience with no buttons and an all in One Device Design.

TGM Baro

Car interior air pressure in hPa

The new TGMbaro measures the air pressure inside a car. The pressure data is sent live to a PC via a Bluetooth connector or jack cable for analysing.

Provided features and services

  • technical support via email, phone or web video meeting
  • developing new measurement devices or adjusting the devices to your needs
  • repair service or replacement parts for self repair available
  • technical and sales support partner in China

Factory calibration service with traceability to the national standards

Calibration at external calibration laboratory possible or auxiliary equipment available for self check and comparison.


All devices can be rented [EU only]:

  • keep the TGM as long as you need at low rates
  • flexible monthly termination option
  • all inclusive service with repair and yearly calibrations service included
  • if you want to keep it – the paid rent will be deducted from the purchase price